Bulk Toilet Papers

Skyler Shah
12 min readApr 10, 2024



Welcome to our Bulk Toilet Paper roundup! If you’re looking to stock up on essentials, this is the perfect place to start. In this article, we’ll showcase some of the best bulk toilet paper offerings on the market, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs. Get ready to explore and make an informed decision!

The Top 5 Best Bulk Toilet Papers

  1. Soft and Durable 2-Ply Toilet Paper in Bulk Pack — Boardwalk B6145 Bathroom Tissue: Affordable, soft, and eco-friendly 2-ply toilet paper, available in a convenient 96-roll carton that ensures long-lasting freshness.
  2. Park Place Professional Premium 2-Ply Toilet Paper: High-Quality, Absorbent, & Long-Lasting — Park Place Professional Premium 2-Ply Toilet Paper offers high-quality, soft and absorbent rolls for use in luxury settings, perfect for bulk purchases in upscale hotels, homes, and offices.
  3. Septic-Safe Bulk Toilet Paper: Long-Lasting and Sustainable — Reliable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly toilet paper — Scott 1000 Septic-Safe 1-Ply Toilet Paper is your sustainable choice for RV and camper use!
  4. Comfortable, Hypoallergenic Bamboo Toilet Paper — 24 Rolls — Experience ultimate softness and comfort with Bumfy Bamboo Toilet Paper, an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic choice for your bottom and the planet.
  5. Absorbent, Soft 2-Ply Bath Tissue — Environmentally Friendly & EPA Certified — Genuine Joe 2-Ply Bath Tissue: Absorbent, soft, and sustainable with superior sanitation, a clean and welcoming appearance, and compatibility with standard dispensers.

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Soft and Durable 2-Ply Toilet Paper in Bulk Pack

Soft and Durable 2-Ply Toilet Paper in Bulk Pack | Image

Imagine a warm and inviting bathroom, one where you can enjoy the soft feel of Boardwalk Standard 2-Ply Toilet Paper. This toilet paper offers the perfect balance of durability and comfort, ensuring that your daily business takes place in a clean and hygienic environment.

As someone who has used this product for quite some time, I appreciate the individual roll wrapping that keeps the toilet paper dry and clean. It’s great to have a reliable supply that doesn’t need to be touched or handled excessively. Plus, the white color gives a touch of cleanliness that makes me feel good when I enter the bathroom.

Now, let’s talk about the carton pack. Boardwalk has created an ample 96 rolls per carton, ensuring I never run out too soon. And when I order in bulk, my wallet thanks me for discovering this economical alternative to more expensive name brands.

However, I must mention the few inconveniences I have experienced. There’s a slight issue with the boxes being small and not well-closed, leading to a few rolls falling out during transit. I’d appreciate a more secure and larger box to keep my supply intact.

Overall, I highly recommend Boardwalk Standard 2-Ply Toilet Paper for its softness, hygienic measures, and the value it provides. Just be mindful of the less-than-perfect packing and you should have a smooth and pleasant experience with this product.

Park Place Professional Premium 2-Ply Toilet Paper: High-Quality, Absorbent, & Long-Lasting

Park Place Professional Premium 2-Ply Toilet Paper: High-Quality, Absorbent, & Long-Lasting | Image

Imagine arriving at an upscale hotel or visiting a refined office, only to be greeted by a premium experience that extends to even the humblest of necessities — like toilet paper. So, let me share my experience with you.

I recently tried Park Place’s Professional Premium 2-Ply Toilet Paper, and I was quite impressed. The moment you lay your eyes on the pack, you can see the dedication to quality. These durable rolls are wrapped in smart packaging that helps keep the toilet paper clean and dry. In fact, each carton holds a whopping 96 individually wrapped rolls, ensuring you never run out of refills.

As soon as I took the roll out of the packaging, I was met with a soft and absorbent bath tissue. Unlike other toilet papers I’ve used, this one is made with embossed bright white virgin paper that not only looks clean, but also exudes luxury. And guess what? It’s not just for hotels and office environments. It makes the toilet experience comfortable in our own homes too.

However, like any other product, it’s not without its flaws. There were instances where I had to deal with a bit of paper dust when removing the roll. But hey, it’s a small price to pay for such a premium experience, right? And yes, the rolls are slightly smaller in diameter than other brands, but the good news is, you get 420 sheets per roll. It’s not often that you get this kind of quality and quantity together.

So, if you’re in the market for bulk toilet paper without compromising on quality, this Park Place Professional 2 Ply Premium Bath Tissue should be at the top of your list. It’s soft, luxurious, and worth every penny. Give it a try, and I’m sure you’ll find it just as pleasing as I did.

Septic-Safe Bulk Toilet Paper: Long-Lasting and Sustainable

Septic-Safe Bulk Toilet Paper: Long-Lasting and Sustainable | Image

I recently tried Scott 1000 Toilet Paper, and I must say it’s been a game-changer in my daily routine. The 36 rolls have been perfect for my family of four, and each roll contains a whopping 1,000 sheets. It’s nice to not worry about running out of toilet paper as often.

One of the best features of this toilet paper is that it’s septic-safe, which is a major concern for people who live in areas with septic systems. I noticed a significant difference in how quickly this toilet paper breaks down compared to other brands. It even dissolves faster than our regular toilet paper, which has been great for our low-flow toilets.

However, I have to mention that the smell when unwrapping the package was not ideal. It initially had a strong sewage-like scent, which was quite unpleasant. But once I started using the toilet paper, the smell faded away. It’s still something I’d gladly overlook for the product’s overall benefits.

The thickness of the paper has been just right, not too thin or too thick. It’s strong and gets the job done efficiently without causing any bulk or residue. Additionally, it’s not too big, which makes it convenient for standard toilet paper holders.

Overall, I’ve been impressed with Scott 1000 Toilet Paper. It’s eco-friendly, septic-safe, and provides great value for money. While the smell upon unwrapping was less than ideal, it’s a minor concern considering the other positive aspects of this product. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective toilet paper option.

Comfortable, Hypoallergenic Bamboo Toilet Paper — 24 Rolls

Comfortable, Hypoallergenic Bamboo Toilet Paper - 24 Rolls | Image

Experience the ultimate softness and comfort with Bumfy Bamboo Toilet Paper. I’ve been using it for a while and it’s truly a game changer. As someone who values their skin and environmental health, this product has exceeded my expectations.

One of the standout features is the massive size of each toilet paper sheet, which is 25% bigger than standard. This means less awkward fumbling around when nature calls and a more comfortable experience overall. Made from bamboo, the sheet is also hypoallergenic, providing me with a gentle and irritation-free wiping experience.

Moreover, this eco-friendly paper is biodegradable, septic tank safe, and flushes worry-free. On top of all this, you’re saving money because Bumfy toilet paper lasts significantly longer than the typical roll. It’s a win-win for your wallet, and for the planet.

What’s even better? Bumfy toilet paper is free from those harmful substances like formaldehyde, BPA’s, PCBs, dyes, and scents that are commonly found in regular toilet paper. You can bid goodbye to chemicals and hello to a cleaner and healthier bottom.

In conclusion, Bumfy Bamboo Toilet Paper isn’t just a toilet paper, it’s a life-changing product for your bathroom routine. Give it a try, and you’ll see the difference for yourself.

Absorbent, Soft 2-Ply Bath Tissue — Environmentally Friendly & EPA Certified

Absorbent, Soft 2-Ply Bath Tissue - Environmentally Friendly & EPA Certified | Image

Recently, I had the chance to try out Genuine Joe’s 2-ply Bath Tissue. I must say, it’s a game-changer for my daily bathroom routine! The first thing that struck me was the exceptional whiteness of the paper. I felt like my restroom was welcoming and clean with this product installed.

One of the features that stood out the most was the absorbency. Genuine Joe’s tissue was soft and comfortable, and it met my everyday needs without any issues. The added bonus of being made from 100% post-consumer material meant that I was supporting a more eco-friendly choice.

However, despite my overall positive experience, I did come across a couple of drawbacks. One of my main concerns was the size of the roll. It was shorter than what I was used to, which meant that I found myself needing to replace the roll more frequently than I would have liked. Additionally, the cardboard box it arrived in was quite delicate, and I had to be careful when handling it to avoid any damage.

In conclusion, Genuine Joe’s 2-ply Bath Tissue was a reliable and environmentally friendly choice for my daily life. It provided the softness and absorbency I needed, though I would recommend looking into other options if size and packaging are a concern.

Buyer’s Guide

Bulk toilet paper is an essential commodity for businesses, schools, and households that frequently require such an item. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the key features to consider when purchasing bulk toilet paper as well as the general advice and considerations to make. This guide won’t include specific products or links, but will help you make an informed decision when choosing your bulk toilet paper supply.


Quality of the Toilet Paper

The quality of the toilet paper is the most important factor to consider when purchasing in bulk. High-quality paper is usually made from superior materials that are soft, absorbent, and gentle on skin. Look for brands with a reputation for providing a premium toilet paper experience. This can be determined by reading product reviews, assessing the materials used, and considering the brand’s overall satisfaction ratings.

Quantity and Packaging

You should also consider the quantity of bulk toilet paper you need and the packaging options. Many manufacturers offer different package sizes, so you’ll want to choose one that fits your specific requirements. Also, consider the storage and transportation needs of your business or household. Packaging that is tear-resistant and easy to stack will make handling and storing the bulk toilet paper much easier.


Price and Value

While price and value may not be the most important factors when purchasing bulk toilet paper, they are still important to consider. Look for deals and discounts that may help you save money in the long run. Also, consider the product’s overall value, which includes quality, packaging, and convenience features. A higher-quality, well-packaged product may cost more upfront, but it could save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

Environmental Impact

As a responsible consumer, you should consider the environmental impact of your toilet paper choices. Look for products made from sustainable materials, such as recycled paper or bamboo. These materials can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve natural resources. Some manufacturers may also offer eco-friendly packaging options, such as biodegradable or recycled materials.



Why should I choose bulk toilet paper over individual rolls?

Bulk toilet paper has several advantages over individual rolls. Firstly, it is cost-effective in the long run, as you can save money by purchasing toilet paper in bulk instead of frequently shopping for smaller packs. It also reduces the environmental impact, as fewer packaging materials are used, leading to less waste. Additionally, purchasing in bulk ensures that you always have an ample supply of toilet paper on hand, reducing the need for frequent replenishment.

Another benefit of bulk toilet paper is that it is often softer and more comfortable compared to individual rolls. Many manufacturers use high-quality materials and advanced production methods to create bulk toilet paper products that offer improved comfort and durability. This ensures that the toilet paper is gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation.


What is the difference between 2-ply and 1-ply toilet paper?

The main difference between 2-ply and 1-ply toilet paper lies in the number of layers. 2-ply toilet paper has two layers of tissue, while 1-ply toilet paper only has one. This results in a thicker, stronger, and more durable paper. However, 1-ply toilet paper is thinner and less absorbent than 2-ply toilet paper. It is generally cheaper, but may require more frequent changes during use.

Additionally, many bulk toilet paper products are available in both 2-ply and 1-ply formats. This allows customers to choose the option that best suits their needs and preferences, based on factors such as budget, comfort, and environmental impact. It is essential to consider the specific features and characteristics of each product when making a decision.

What is the most eco-friendly option in bulk toilet paper?

There are several factors to consider when determining the most eco-friendly option in bulk toilet paper. One crucial factor is the type of paper used, as recycled paper is generally more sustainable than virgin paper. Look for toilet paper products that are made from at least 50% recycled content to minimize the environmental impact.

Another crucial aspect is packaging. Toilet paper packaged in recycled or compostable materials can help reduce waste and promote a more sustainable approach. Additionally, purchasing bulk toilet paper in a large box or dispenser that can be reused or repurposed can further decrease environmental impact.


What is the most cost-effective option in bulk toilet paper?

The most cost-effective option in bulk toilet paper varies depending on the specific product and its features. To find the most affordable option, compare the cost per roll or sheet of toilet paper when purchasing in bulk. Look for products with lower prices per unit, which are often available in large packaging or packaged without extra features like branding or decorative packaging.

It is essential to consider both the upfront cost and any potential savings over time. Bulk toilet paper can be highly cost-effective compared to individual rolls, but the savings increase when purchasing large quantities. Look for bulk toilet paper deals or promotions that can further enhance the value of the purchase for your household.

What is the best bulk toilet paper for sensitive skin?

When choosing bulk toilet paper for sensitive skin, it is crucial to consider key factors such as thickness, softness, and materials used. Look for toilet paper made from soft, plush materials that will not irritate or cause redness or itching. Many bulk toilet paper products are specifically designed for sensitive skin and may be labeled as such on the packaging.

Additionally, consider bulk toilet paper products with aloe vera or other soothing ingredients to further enhance comfort. Products with a dermatologist seal of approval or recommendations from skincare professionals are also valuable indicators of the product’s suitability for sensitive skin users.

What is the best bulk toilet paper for heavy use?

When selecting bulk toilet paper for heavy use, it is essential to consider factors such as strength, durability, and absorption capabilities. Look for products with a higher plies count (2-ply or even 3-ply), which will provide better strength, durability, and overall performance. Additionally, consider purchasing bulk toilet paper with higher sheet counts per roll or pack, which will ensure a continuous supply of paper even during periods of heavy use.

It is also beneficial to choose bulk toilet paper made from high-quality materials and produced using advanced techniques to ensure optimal performance. Look for toilet paper products that have received positive reviews from other users, indicating a consistently high level of quality and reliability.

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